COVID-19 Vaccine Update

We are not currently scheduling patients for vaccination. Please do not call our contact center or clinics to ask about vaccine availability. We will keep you informed as we learn more. Please visit our vaccine page for the most up-to-date information.

More COVID-19 resources: Testing | Patient safety | Care and services | Visitor policy 


UW Medicine’s patient portals (like eCare) will merge into one new and improved patient portal called MyChart. Learn more.

eCare Patient Portal

With eCare you can access your medical records, email your care team, schedule appointments, check in to your appointment, request prescription refills and more. Trouble with your account? Call 206.520.8963.

Where did you receive care?


I visited one of the following clinics.

  • Harborview Medical Center
  • UW Medical Center (all locations, including Montlake, Northwest and Roosevelt)
  • UW Neighborhood Clinics
  • Eastside Specialty Center
  • Hall Health

I visited one of the following hospitals.

  • Harborview Medical Center
  • UW Medical Center - Montlake

I had a hospital stay at:

  • UW Medical Center - Northwest

I visited a clinic or had a hospital stay at:

  • Valley Medical Center

What can I do with eCare?


  • Office visits and procedures
  • Pregnancy visits
  • Vaccine visits
  • Well-child visits
  • Wellness exams

Your Health

  • Test results
  • Billing estimates
  • Visit summaries
  • Clinic notes
  • Medical records

Your Kid’s Health

  • Growth charts
  • View records
  • View test results
  • Schedule a well-child visit
  • Schedule a vaccine visit

Message Care Team

  • Ask your care team a question
  • Prescription refills
  • Provider referrals
  • Health reminders
  • Volunteer to be in a study

Frequently asked questions about eCare

UW Medicine eCare is a free, secure and easy way to access your health information and manage clinic appointments online.

You can use eCare to see health records from your clinic visits or hospital stays anywhere in the UW Medicine system. This includes Harborview Medical Center, UW Medical Center - Northwest, UW Medical Center - Montlake, Valley Medical Center, UW Neighborhood Clinics and other UW Medicine-affiliated clinics.

eCare allows you to view many types of personal health information in your medical records, including:

  • Current medications
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations (vaccines)
  • Test results
  • Clinic notes
  • Details of your previous clinic visits
  • Hospital discharge instructions
  • Questionnaires

Your personal health information is private and secure. You access it through an online account, which you set up. Only you can see your records unless you give another person permission to see them.

Patients of UW Medicine-affiliated clinics or hospitals and the parents, legal guardians or caretakers of minors or other persons.

To set up your eCare account, you will need an email address. Your email address will be secure and UW Medicine will not use it for any other purpose.

If you are at a clinic visit, clinic staff will give you instructions in person on how to create your account and log on to view your records. If you have stayed in the hospital, you will receive set-up instructions from hospital staff by email. If you are a parent, legal guardian or caregiver, you may get permission to see medical records for a minor or other person in your care.

After you create your account, visit the eCare sign-in page (this page) any time. 

Parents or guardians of children under age 13 may sign up for eCare access to their children's online health records. The enrollment process may be completed in person. Birth or adoptive parents must present photo identification and sign a form acknowledging that they have a right to the child's health care information. If there’s no clear documentation in the record verifying you are the birth parent, adoptive parent, or that you are the child’s legally recognized caregiver, you will be asked to provide  documentation (such as a court order or medical power of attorney.

eCare access is not available for children between the ages of 13-17 except those that are deemed to be a mature minor by their healthcare professional ‘or’ if a healthcare professional determines that the minor patient has diminished capacity and eCare proxy access is in the patient’s best interest. At 18 patients can sign up for their own eCare accounts.

Select from the four options above based on where you received your care and whether it was a clinic visit or hospital stay. In some cases, lab work or diagnostic procedures may be included in a hospital-stay record, even if you did not stay in the hospital overnight. If you are unsure where to sign in to eCare, please check with clinic staff or the hospital’s medical records department.

Emergency room patients: Currently, only patients who are admitted to the hospital are able to register for eCare.

These software programs may have different names like Cerner or MyChart, but they are all accessed within and part of eCare. Several hospitals and clinics within the UW Medicine health system use different software programs to allow you to manage appointments and access medical records online. Therefore, you may need to create a separate eCare account to view records from clinic visits that’s different from the one you would use to view hospital stays.

While we encourage patients to use eCare to manage their appointments, request prescription refills, view medical records and more, eCare is not a requirement for receiving medical services at any UW Medicine clinic or facility.

eCheck-In is available 2 days before your appointment.

You can now begin your appointment check-in at home to save time — and touchpoints — at the clinic.

On your home screen in eCare, click on the blue "eCheck-In" box next to your upcoming appointment
alert. You'll be walked through a series of prompts to provide the following information:

  • Confirm your contact information
  • Update or confirm your insurance information
  • e-sign any required forms
  • Complete any pre-visit screening questionnaires (such as a COVID-19 screening)
Image of eCare Home Appointments

There is a mobile app for iOS and Android phones that allows you to view your outpatient medical records. You can also access all your online medical records on your smartphone via web browser without an app through this webpage.

The software for each type of online medical record may require different computer and software features to work properly. In general, you should have one or more of the following browsers on your computer: Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher); the latest version of Google Chrome; latest version of Firefox; the latest version of Safari.

Clinic visits at Harborview Medical Center, UW Medical Center - Northwest, UW Medical Center or UW Neighborhood Clinics: Call 206.520.8963.

Hospital stay at Harborview Medical Center or UW Medical Center: Call 206.744.9000.

Hospital stay at UW Medical Center - Northwest: Call 206.668.1354 or email

Clinic visit or hospital stay at Valley Medical Center: Call 425.251.5178 or email

Have questions about the information in your medical record? Please talk with your care provider.

Mobile App

View your test results and manage your appointments and medications, all from your mobile device.

*App is for clinic visits only (My Chart).